Hi! So if you're buying a cake from us, and you're not quite sure how to properly handle / store your delicate customized cake, refer to the points I have highlighted below, to ensure everything runs smoothly from the moment you collect your cake until the point of your cake-cutting session! The moment the cake leaves our hands, it becomes your responsibility.

Bear in mind that cakes will melt or lose it's structure if it's not handled with care, and refunds will not be given. So read on!

STORAGE: Store the cakes at 22 degrees or cooler.

Cakes melt fast (in a matter of minutes), so make sure they're always kept in a cool place. We store our cakes in an air-conditioned room, a fridge is not necessary. Leaving fondant cakes in the fridge is not recommended, but for cream-coated ones, that's fine.

COLLECTION: Have more than just 1 person to collect your order.

A lot of people find themselves struggling to carry their order home. Our boxes are quite large, so ideally, you should have at least 2 people. When driving, you can leave cupcakes in the backseat of your car. But with cakes (especially 2 tiered ones), you should have the box sitting on a person's lap, to minimize shock when you're going over humps and to balance the cake box when you're making turns.

TRANSPORTATION: Drive carefully. Taxing a car or a taxi is always advised instead of public transport.

Go slow when crossing humps, keep the air con blasting, make gentle turns, and most importantly, do not hit the brakes suddenly, or your cake might topple over / slide around in the box / fly from the seat onto the floor. If you're taking a taxi, inform your driver that you have a delicate cake on board.

HUMAN HANDLING: Handle with care.

Now this might sound like common sense, but some people seem to be under the impression that cakes are indestructible. They're not. They are in fact, quite fragile. Always keep the cake box leveled, tilting it sideways may cause it lose its structure. If you cannot collect your own cake, make sure you get a responsible friend to do it for you, and have them read through this page as well to keep them informed.]

HOW TO CUT YOUR CAKE: It's really up to you.

The serving suggestion is as you please. There is no fixed amount of people that one cake could feed. An 8" cake could feed 10 people, or even 25. For 2 tiered cakes, I suggest cutting from the bottom tier first, it's neater this way. Check out this video showing you how to cut your tiered cakes.

That's all we have for now, for more information on our cakes, check out our F.A.Q page or drop us an Enquiry form that can be found to the right of this page!

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