Chinese New Year is a time to remember our loved ones and share with each other the coming of a new cycle that will bring prosperity, health and happiness. Let use share a little of this magic with you, with out special once a year pineapple tarts! A rich pineapple jam covered in a melt in your mouth pastry and finished with none other than the epitome of wealth and prosperity, a dash of gold.

About the Baker

Hi! My name is Jessica, also known as Shiberty online.

Shiberty Bakes was born out of an innocent hobby - the love for fresh home baked goods. I adore customizing personalized cakes & styling desserts to make people happy on special occasions. The sense of satisfaction I get from styling food is unlike anything else I've done!

Every dessert and cake that I come up with, comes from the heart, so thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to live out my passion.

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